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December 31, 2016

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Realogy was searching for a solution to end the tedious transfer process between
depreciation books and saves time and money.  Realogy found Chi-Star Technology’s
AssetCross™ product.  

AssetCross™ is a fantastic software product from Chi-Star TechnologySM that will
help companies eliminate wasted time and money spent on manually transferring
assets between books. Cut through the confusion of lost asset trails and endless
hours of data entry! The AssetCross™ program is designed specifically to complement
the Oracle® EBusiness Suite. Your reliable programs stay the same, except now you
are able to streamline data entry.  

How much time and money is spent on manually retiring assets, only to recreate them
in new books? How much frustration is caused by lost audit trails from retired assets?
How many mistakes might be made by manually calculating assets in a new book’s
currency? Time is money, and both add up! Save valuable resources by adding
AssetCross™ into your current Oracle E-Business Suite implementation.  

Realogy found away to eliminate the risks in such a tedious and manual process and
implemented AssetCross.  Within a month VeriSign was live with their new software
purchase.  AssetCross took less than 2 hours to install.

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